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We are experts in the management of precise, ethical and fully actionable proprietary healthcare data.


What is THIN® data?

THIN® is an unobtrusive medical data collection scheme that collects anonymised patient data from its members.

Our aim is to enable advancements in patient care and outcomes by assisting leading healthcare technology companies, authorities, academics and research organisations with healthcare research and analysis.

How is THIN® Data structured?

Our UK Primary Care database contains anonymised longitudinal patient records for approximately 6% of the UK Population. Our anonymised data collection, which goes back to 1994, is nationally representative of the UK population.

If you are interested in learning more about THIN® data and how it is structured, please contact our team.

THIN® is regulated by an Advisory Committee to ensure that it continues to be used in a way that maximises its research value in the best interests of the public whilst protecting the rights of its data subjects


What is THIN® Data used for?

THIN® Data is used in research and analysis to help leading healthcare companies, authorities, academic and research organisations better understand the patient pathway and influence significant improvements in a number of areas. If you are interested in using THIN® data for healthcare research, please contact our team.

Population Health Management

Research that facilitates the improvement of patient care across the general population

Primary Care Policy

Use of anonymised data to help better inform Health Authorities on how primary care services can be delivered and targeted more effectively

Secondary Care Policy

Analysis of the effectiveness of referral and treatment pathways ensuring appropriate procedures are in place to enable transfer of a patient’s care across multiple healthcare settings

Epidemiological Research

Understanding trends in the presence or absence of diseases and disorders and their effects on society.


The assessment, monitoring and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products.

Evidence For Drug Approvals

Real world data regarding the usage and potential benefits or risks of drugs.

THIN® Research

THIN® is one of the most respected and reliable data sources in the field of research and academic studies, providing anonymised patient data for use in prospective studies, disease specific case studies within primary care settings and retrospective studies.

THIN® has been cited in over 1,000 publications and that list continues to grow with around 20 new reports added every month.

If you are interested in joining THIN® to help us better understand patient pathways and improve your patient services, sign up today.


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