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Who we are

The Health Improvement Network® (THIN®) is anonymised longitudinal patient data, representing approximately 6% of the UK population, which goes back to 1994.

Our aim is to use real world data to enable advancements in patient care and outcomes by assisting healthcare authorities, academics and research organisations and leading healthcare technology companies.

THIN® is particularly concerned with the confidentiality of data, the rights of patients and Doctors. Data collated from GP Practice partners is done so in compliance with all legal and ethical frameworks.

THIN® is overseen by an independent advisory committee which includes patients, clinicians and researchers.

Samir Dhalla

Samir Dhalla

Head of The Health Improvement Network

Samir has a wealth of experience across the healthcare industry having started his early career as a pharmacist. He has worked with some of the UK’s most influential Hospitals, creating efficiencies as well as new entities/departments all with a view to improving patient care and ensuring the NHS organisations were able to be sustainable as part of a long term strategy. Today Samir leads our world-renowned healthcare database THIN; The Health Improvement Network.